Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

BCA program is a four year bachelor level academic program of the Pokhara University consisting of 8 semester each of 24 weeks duration. It aims at preparing student as professional in the field of computer education and Management which demand the use of computer Technology. It provides the blend of IT and Management knowledge.

The BCA graduates will possess the skill/knowledge of organizational Management, System Development, System Analysis, Software Development, Network Administration, system Administration etc. Our alumni have been involved in developing software; working as IT officers; studying abroad; teaching in various institutions, schools and colleges; and also in incorporating and managing their own entrepreneurship related to their course of studies. As a further study option BCA degree-holders can have their credit transferred in abroad. They are eligible to pursue master’s degree programs in Management and IT like MCA, MIT, MCIS, MIS, MBA.


1. The candidates should have a higher secondary or equivalent qualification in any discipline from a recognized board or university with Computer Science or Mathematics securing at least second division.
2. Certified copies of all the relevant academic qualification and transcripts are required.
3. All applicants must be competent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
4. The candidates must be selected through the entrance examination carried out by the college.
5. Duly completed application form with 2 color passport size photograph must be submitted.


The BCA students are required to undertake an internship program in sixth semester approved by the Head of Department. The primary goal of internship is to provide a student with a real-life on-the-job exposure and opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in real life situation. The normal duration of the internship is 6-8 weeks and it is undertaken during the summer after completing at least 48 credit hours of course work.

Yearly Projects:

The BCA students are required to undertake a yearly project in every even semester approved by the Head of Department. The primary goal of yearly project is to provide a student with a real-life on-the-job exposure as well as data analysis opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in real life situation. The normal duration of the summer project is of 24 weeks.

Achievements in BCA

OCEM has always focused in quality of education in both curricular and extra curricular way. We follow best of breed teaching learning practice and it is shown by our achievements in University level examinations.

Following students are honoured with OCEM Gold Medal Award.


2011 AD
Kamal Pathak
(3.97/4.0 CGPA)

2013 AD
Ramesh Upreti
(3.79/4.0 CGPA)

2014 AD
Namita Bastola
(3.98/4.0 CGPA)

Following are the list of our Dean’s Listed Awarded Students in BCA

  1. 1. Prakash Pathak
  2. 2. Arjun Pandey
  3. 3. Durga Narayan Shrestha
  4. 4. Sharma Laxmi Salikram
  5. 5. Nirdeshmani Sharma
  6. 6. Dipesh Adhikari
  7. 7. Soba Raj Paudel
  8. 8. Anil Thapaliya
  9. 9. Binod Kumar Shrestha
  1. 10. Tara Devi Aryal
  2. 11. Bishow Prakash Pokhrel
  3. 12. Ram Binay Gupta
  4. 13. Anju Adhikari
  5. 14. Binod Gurung
  6. 15. Ramesh Pokhrel
  7. 16. Devi Prasad Timilsina
  8. 17. Jamuna Ghale


Course Description Credit Hours
1st Semester
English I 3
Mathematics I 3
Digital Logic Systems 3
Computer Fundamental and Application 3
Programming Logic and Techniques 3
2nd Semester
Business and Technical Communication 3
Mathematics II 3
Financial Accounting I 3
Programming Language 3
Fundamental Of Electrical and Electronics 3
Project I 3
3rd Semester
Object Oriented Programming 3
Data Structure & Algorithms 3
System Analysis and Design 3
Financial Accounting II 3
Microprocessor 3
4th Semester
Numerical Methods 3
Visual Programming 3
Operating Systems 3
Database Management System 3
Computer Graphics & Multimedia Technology 3
Project II 3

Course Description Credit Hours
5th Semester
Computer Architecture 3
Java Programming 3
Web Technologies I 3
Mathematical Foundation and COmputer Science 3
Software Engineering 3
6th Semester
Network and Data Communication 3
Fundamental of Probability and Statics 3
Applied Economics 3
Organization and Management 3
Web Technologies II 3
Project III 3
7th Semester
E-Business 3
Simulation and Modeling 3
Linux 3
Internship 3
Elective I[Dot Net Programming] 3
8th Semester
Mobile Technologies 3
Management Information System 3
Elective II 3
Project IV 4
Total Credit Hours 126