Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA program is a four year bachelor level academic program of the Pokhara University consisting of 8 semester each of 24 weeks duration. A student needs to successfully complete 126 credit hours of course work, Project work, and internship for graduation. The course is designed to prepare business graduates with knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to take up the challenges of business operation management in the competitive scenario of the new era. This is ensured also because the students are required to undergo intensive internship courses to expose themselves better in the real-life situation in various national and international organizations. As a further study option, BBA degree holders will be able to pursue master’s degree programs in management (MBA, MBS, MIM, MTTM, MHM etc.), Information System (MCA, MIT, Library Science etc.) and in other related areas.


To be considered for admission into BBA, all prospective candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. The candidates should have a higher secondary or equivalent qualification in any discipline from a recognized board or university with at least second division.
  2. Certified copies of all the relevant academic qualification and transcripts are required.
  3. All applicants must be competent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
  4. The candidates must be selected through the entrance examination carried out by the college.


The BBA students are required to undertake an internship program in sixth semester approved by the Head of Department. The primary goal of internship is to provide a student with a real-life on-the-job exposure and opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in real life situation. The normal duration of the internship is 6-8 weeks and it is undertaken during the summer after completing at least 48 credit hours of course work.

Summer Project:

The BBA students are required to undertake a summer project in fourth semester approved by the Head of Department.

The primary goal of summer project is to provide a student with a real-life on-the-job exposure as well as data analysis opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in real life situation. The normal duration of the summer
project is of 24 weeks.

Achievements in BBA:

OCEM has always focused in quality of education in bothcurricular and extra-curricular way. We follow best of breed teaching learning practice and it is shown by our achievements in University level examinations.

Following are list of our Dean’s Listed Awarded Students in BBA

  1.  1. Ajita Bhattarai
  2. 2. Bhawana Manandhar
  3. 3. Anju Pradhan
  4. 4. Anju Bhandari
  5. 5. Tirtha Gurung
  6. 6. Mekh Bahadur Khatri
  7. 7. Bikash Neupane
  1. 8. Sudip Kranti Tiwari
  2. 9. Aayusha Sharma
  3. 10. Puran Prasad Paudel
  4. 11. Sonam Shrestha
  5. 12. Sagun Bhattarai
  6. 13. Bishow Bandhu Bhandari
  7. 14. Anil Pokhrel
  1. 15. Ishowr Khadka
  2. 16. Keshav Adhikari
  3. 17. Prasita Gurung
  4. 18. Milan Simkhada
  5. 19. Suraj Lamichhane
  6. 20. Gokarna Shrestha
  7. 21. Krishna Dutta Ghimire
  1. 22. Samin Shrestha
  2. 23. Madhav Pandey
  3. 24. Soni Thapa
  4. 25. Rabin Acharya
  5. 26. Ranju Poudel


Course Description Credit Hours
1st Semester
English I 3
Bussiness Mathematics I 3
Financial Accounting I 3
Principles of Management 3
Computer and IT Application 3
2nd Semester
English II 3
Bussiness Mathematics II 3
Financial Accounting II 3
General Psychology 3
Introductory Microeconomics 3
3rs Semester
Business Communication I 3
Business Statistics 3
Essentials of Finance 3
Fundamentals of Sociology 3
Introductory Macroeconomics 3
4th Semester
Business Communication II 3
Data Analysis and Modeling 3
Fundamental of Organizational Behaviour 3
Principles of Marketing 3
Financial Management 3
5th Semester
Basics of Managerial Accounting 3
Business Research Methods 3
Management of Human Resources 3
Fundamental of Operation Management 3
Concentration I 3
6th Semester
Introduction to Management Information Systems 3
Legal Aspects of Business and Technology 3
Business and Society 3
Project Work 3
Concentration II 3
7th Semester
Business Environment in Nepal 3
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 3
Internship 3
Elective I 3
Concentration III 3
8th Semester
Strategic Management 3
Introduction to International Business 3
Essential of e-Business 3
Elective 3
Concentration IV 3
Concentration (12 Credits Hours)
Taxation 3
Auditing 3
Advanced Management Accounting 3
Accounting Reports and Financial Statement Analysis 3
Special Topics in Accounting 3
Consumer Behaviour 3
Advertising and Sales Promotion 3
Sales Management 3
Retail Marketing 3
Service Marketing 3
Foreign Trade Management 3
Corporate Finance 3
Microfinance 3
Investment Management 3
Bank Operation and Management 3
Risk Management and Insurance 3
Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives 3
Financial Institutions and Markets 3
Human Resource
Labour-Management Relations 3
Contemporary Issues in HRM 3
Compensation and Benefits Management 3
Negotiation and Conflict Management 3
Performance Appraisal 3
Human Resource Development 3
Small Business and Enterpreneurship
Small Business Enterpreneurship 3
Small Business Finance 3
Rural Marketing 3
Retail Management 3
Social Entrepreneurship 3
Venture Ideas and Models 3
Electives(6 Credits Hours)
(Any Two Courses from the following list)
Society and Politics 3
Econometrics 3
Environment and Ecology 3
Media and Public Relations 3
Energy and Sustainable Dvelopment 3
Technology for Development 3
Population Dynamics and Development Challenges 3
Creative Thinking and Problem Solving 3