Dear Parents and Students,

It’s my great pleasure to express the fifteen year long successful academic journey of Oxford College of Engineering and Management to this stage. I have also deep and sincere responsibility with my respected guardians, college teachers, staff, educationalists and my dear students not only provides the knowledge of books but also the knowledge of how to survive in the society, nation and changing environment of the modern world which is more appropriate.This fact is one part but real education is to provide the knowledge of socio-cultural behavior, legal-political awareness, technical expertise as well as communication skills and how to survive into the society with good status. Hope this college will become the pool of real means of education and way of living quality life style.

Nowadays, the students and parents have concept of securing good mark in examination and getting good opportunities in job and higher studies is quality education. In my sense, it’s not the whole reality, the major mission of oxford college is to produce such human resources so that they can love their guardian first and the nation as well.

All in all, I would like to request all to provide an opportunity once to watch us for our vision and mission.

Thank You!!
Er. Hari Bhandari