In the year 2000 AD a new vision has introduced by a group of academic intellectual and IT experts to address the real needs and demands of the society as well as of the nation, which materialized in the establishment of a pioneer academic institution by the name of Oxford College of Engineering and Management (OCEM) and Oxford Higher Secondary school (OHSS) at Gaindakot, nearby Narayangarh city in the central part of Nepal.

Oxford College of Engineering and Management (OCEM), affiliated to the Pokhara University has been running bachelor level programs since its establishment. The programs include BBA, BCA, BE (Civil) and BE (Electrical and Electronics)

Oxford Higher Secondary School (OHSS) affiliated to the Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal has been offering plus two programs in Biology Science, Computer Science, Management with Computer Science and Hotel Management with Computer Science since its inception.


The vision of the college is to be among the Nepal’s foremost business, management, science
and technology colleges, and to be a center of excellence by fostering leadership in thought,
and by propagating technological and managerial expertise.


The college is committed to teaching, research and extension education so that it can achieve its mission of making an important difference in the lives of our stakeholders in relation to the nation no less than in Chitwan and Nawalparasi, as in the world at large by:

  • Providing a world-class education for our students.
  • Providing real-life environment during the pursuit of the course.
  • Encouraging lifelong learning through extension education.
  • Awarding scholarships on various counts that address social issues.
  • Producing nationally committed, internationally capable, professionally efficient and morally sound technological manpower.



The College is committed to achieving the following objectives in a time-bound frame:

  • To provide opportunities for higher education to a considerable segment of the people through the means of modern tools & techniques.
  • To add the library resources @ 5% increment in each year.
  • To improve the teaching/learning process in each and every department and faculty by the method of Problem Based Learning as well as by applying alternative methods of teaching or learning.
  • To implement the Objective Measurement Chart for measuring the improvement in the stated quality objectives in each department and functions.
  • To increase social awareness program each year by providing need-based financial support as also physical support.
  • To plan, design, and conduct at least two-research programs in each year under the supervision of R & D section in the field of management, information technology, socio-economic, science, health and education sector by involving the appropriate departments and faculty.
  • To be a national level college by increasing educational standard.
  • To provide multinational standard laboratory.
  • To provide morally approved, socially progressive, economically viable and culturally broad-based educational skills.


Features of Oxford College

  • Well equipped and modern laboratories
  • Fully modern digitalized library
  • Highly qualified and well experienced full time faculty members.
  • Good academic environment
  • Modern infrastructure.
  • Transportation facility within Chitwan and Nawalparasi.
  • Teaching and learning process through modern means of technological aids
  • Well developed play-ground for extracurricular activities.
  • Wide and spacious parking areas for the students as well as for the teaching staff.
  • Safe drinking water for all.
  • Hygienic cafeteria inside the college compound.
  • Higher educational opportunities on different professional as well as technical programs in the bachelor level of Pokhara University with special incentives.
  • Object-oriented practical classes.