Public Speaking for Youth

"Public Speaking for Youth".
four days training for SEE appeared students.

oxford college is providing four days training for SEE appeared students. 

Training is scheduled to start form 12th Jestha to 17th Jestha .

internal and external resource person and lecturers will provide information on different topics. 

Program Schedule

  • Highlight of the Programme
  • Speaking Anxiety
  • Public Speaking Techniques
  • Introduction to Business and Management    
Mr. Tilak Ram Panthi
Mr. Narayan Sapkota
Manoj Raj Panta (RJ Kalika F.M.)
Mr. Prem Sharma

  • Accounting for Business
  • Application of IT for Business
  • Preparation of Business Report using MS Word
  • Power point for Report Presentation
Mr. Rishi Neupane
Mr. Suresh K. Baral
Mr. Devendra Chapagain
Er. Tej Pd. Aryal

  • Idea Generation and Topic Selection for Presentation  
Dr. Basanta Adhikari
Mr. Narayan Pd. Sapkota
Mr. Narayan Sapkota
Mr. Prem Sharma

  • Topic Presentation by Students 
Evaluated by:
Mr. Tilak Ram Panthi
Mr. Narayan Pd. Sapkota
Mr. Krishna Hari Poudel

  • Motivational speaking + Gift hamper Distribution  
Prof. Er. Hari Bhandari
Supported By: 
Sunita Pandey
Devendra Chapagain